Tuesday, November 25, 2008

happy birthday, bebe!

We are so glad today is your birthday (if you don't believe us, just look at our faces!)

Ah, yeah, these are actually the best of the bunch. Let's just say these two were not the most cooperative when it came to holding birthday banners and smiling.

Tinkerbell wanted to say she loves you and that it's your birthday, you should wear a crown (just not hers!)

We hope that your day is fun and that it is going better than ours (bloody noses, nasty poops and crayon on the wall- thanks Turner.) We can't wait to see you on Saturday and celebrate you then. There will be toys, cake, crowns and gifts waiting.
Hurry up Saturday!!!!

1 comment:

bebe said...

If I had been feeling a little lomly & sad just going into this blog would have stopped any pity-tears immediatly. Maybe tear would have been replaced with ones of feeling loved. Thanks for the sweetest/creative b-day I have EVER had.Love you all this______________________much. Thanks for loving me this__________________much !!!!!