Thursday, November 6, 2008

My new hobby-

CVS-ing. Shopping doesn't count as a new hobby, you say? Okay, you got me there- but saving money while doing so- that's where I've got you on a technicality.

My friend, Jenny, is tutoring me through the new territory of couponing. (And taking a picture of your bargains and posting it on your blog is what "we couponers" do apparently.) It's a bit Stepford wives-ish, but I'll play along :) I can't really take credit for coming up with this pretty good stash- I got a little help.

You see, yesterday I thought I'd strut my stuff in Kroger where they were having this 10/10 deal and you got a $5 register coupon for the next time you shop. No sweat, got on line and got me some help from some bloggers who know. (They do it all for 'ya. Even an IDIOT should be able to steal from THE MAN.) I was pretty confident and pretty excited to tell Steve about how much we saved and even the couple of "FREE" items I was able to nab w/ my couponing expertise. Well.... let's just say it didn't go so well and I spent some money on some stuff we didn't need, got the wrong sized boxes of a couple (5) items that were suppose to count for my 10... thus NOT qualifying me for my $5 coupon NOR getting me the special sales price on the other items. I cried all the way home and called my mom who needed to talk me off the ledge. With my tail between my legs, I took a bag full of unwanted items back to Kroger today to get my money back and will try again next time.

But here it the GOOD news. Everything in the picture I got for $20 out of pocket and I also got $8.50 in ECB (which is my new lingo for money that I can use next time at CVS.) So I guess that means I'm hooked into CVS and will keep going so that I can keep getting more free money. Steve sees it a *little* bit differently, but I'm thinking once I get this thing down and actually start saving us money- he'll come around. Jenny swears by it and is a patient and helpful tutor. Check out her blog if you are interested in joining the cult (I mean bandwagon.) The link to her blog is to the left and is called Mommin' It Up.


Susie said...

OK, Blogging makes me realize we're somehow living the same life on different sides of town ... we should talk more :)
My friend with her budget blog that even got featured on the news last night got me going with the coupon game at kroger. This week I've decided I am done. I do not have the personality for this - I am a dreamer, not a planner, and I have had too many frustrating moments at Kroger realizing that just because Erin can do it, apparently does not mean I can do it. Sad :(
The next strategy I'm going to try is only shop at Aldi and Trader Joes. That way I get some quality and some crap and hopefully spend less money? We'll see....
Glad someone is sharing my coupon drama.

Mommin' It Up! said...

Yay Elizabeth! Way to go!! You need to brag a little more. All that would have cost you $50 plus tax if you hadn't used coupons and worked the CVS system!! Pretty soon you'll be paying $2 out of pocket for everything and be feeling like a thief but grinning like a maniac when you leave the store! You go!