Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What's Grosser than Gross?

Gross= having mice in your house. (You would think that living downtown would mean no field mice but whenever it gets the least bit chilly in the fall, we find little friends who leave little black presents here and there.)

Grosser than gross= finding those little black presents in your baby's room.

What's grosser than ALL of that? Catching F-I-V-E of those friends in a trap right under your 9 month old son's crib. ACK. Makes my skin crawl. I've been unable to sleep for several weeks with terrible images in my mind (use your imagination, I certainly have.) Naturally, Turner seems unphased by the whole thing.

The other day (after #3 was caught) Steve declared, "I think we got 'em all. I'm pretty sure that the word on the street is that 'their is on to us.' " Yeah, so much for the word on the street. So join me as I say an extra prayer each night for no bad dreams AND for no more mice.


Susie said...

gross!! it's like lady and the tramp

JRT said...

I feel your pain! Nursing Molly in the middle of the night & hearing them scamper to & fro drove me Crazy. So crazy that I had to run upstate (4 hours) one morning when he was away for a conference. Babies infested our living room & wouldn't run out. They didn't know where to go; I panicked! I HATE MICE. You can too!
At least there are no roaches in your new $1 scarf!

emme said...

OMG! I'm catching up on our blog and keep laughing so hard. we had mice this fall too. I found poop in the girls' play kitchen, but in your babie's room is worse!
hope they are gone!