Thursday, November 6, 2008

Quinn Jian Koproski

We've decided on a name. Quinn. I thought of it almost immediately when we heard his Chinese name. It sounds similar and to me that's important. (I didn't know it would be.) Before we had a referral we were tossing around Taylor if it was a girl and Chase for a boy. But after learning what his special need was, after thinking more comprehensively, we thought maybe it wouldn't be a great idea to give a kid a name with an "s" in it if he will potentially need speech therapy or require orthodontia. Quinn just seemed right. We will keep Jian as his middle name. Both of the other kids' middle names have family meaning (Ann= my mom's middle name and Paul after both of our grandfathers.) So Jian keeps him linked to his Chinese heritage= family meaning.

And can't you just picture him sitting in his first day of first grade as the teacher reads out the names- Koproski? She scans the room for some polak kid and he raises his hand? For some reason, that really tickles my funny bone. (Unless he comes home crying about it, then it won't be so funny. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it!)

People have asked about our time frame. Great question! Currently we are waiting for our I-797C form. I actually emailed them and asked if there was any way to expedite our form. A real nice lady emailed me back and politely told me no. Oh, well, doesn't hurt to ask. So we may have about 2 more months of waiting for that. Once that is returned, we can send in our dossier. From there it may be about another 5 months wait. So generally, we are looking at traveling to China to bring Quinn home late spring, early summer. Weird timing since Steve is planning on going over for 10 days this summer to lead a trip for college students. Everyone is asking if we can double up and make it a 2 for 1 trip. Probably not. We really aren't even considering that craziness. We are gluttons for punishment, but even we have our limits.

We are praying that miraculously we'll get the I-797C form sooner than expected. In general, we trust in the perfect timing. But emotionally, it is hard to imagine our little boy day in and day out not a part of our family. Adoption is a really amazing and really weird thing. It is almost hard to put into words, but I'm trying!


jenny said...

Oh, I love the name. How perfect. It totally fits him and it is so neat that it is close to his Chinese name. I get emotional everytime I read your posts about him. You are right, adoption is so hard to put into words. You are doing a great job at it though. We will be praying for you guys as you wait for him to come home. Isn't beyond comprehension how much you love a child that you have only seen pictures of....we just felt so connected to Beckett during the months we waited to go pick him up.
I'll give you a call soon.


Traci said...

Love it. The name. The polish chinese kid. love it.

eva said...

love the name! and so excited for you guys. :)

JRT said...

E, Quinn is great! We considered Quinn for someone...maybe baby #2 who ended up being a girl, Charlotte. It's a great name. And how cool that it's close to his Chinese name. We strayed a bit from Khang; Ryan had a certain affinity for his Vietnamese name, but his middle name is still Vinh. Khang (with the inflections) is just not so lovely. Like Khaaaang. Anyway, that is great. It helps so much to have a name to put with a REALITY! As soon as we got the referral I just had to settle on a name. Lewis beat out Max & Cooper. Quinn will be perfect & you will never look back. J