Monday, November 24, 2008

Football fan???

If you live in my neck of the woods, you are very well aware that this past weekend was the much awaited and anticipated Buckeyes vs. Wolverines game. Because I am married to an avid Ohio State fan, I too root for the Scarlet and Grey. But I'm not sure how deep my allegiances run.

Here are a few things that I discovered this weekend:
Football for me is about 3 quarters too long!
This late November game is best seen from my warm sofa, with good friends and yummy snacks
Stadium hot dogs are $4.50 (and 1/4 lb!!!!) 1/4 lb. hot dog???? Wow- I'm speechless.
Grown men wear floor length fur coats to stadiums. RIDICULOUS
You really can be THAT COLD and still survive. (It finally warmed up to a balmy 28 degrees.)

Some how we were able to manage a smile, even though I could no longer feel my toes, despite wearing my beloved Ugg boots. (That one was for you, Erin!)

So, Buckeye fans left satisfied with another victory (one guy behind us even took a picture of the scoreboard for his Christmas cards because apparently nothing says "Happy Birthday, Jesus" like a Michigan massacre!) and perhaps just a bit empty at the realization that what they had been living for all season is over and now they begin looking ahead to next season. As for me, it's a good thing that American Idol is so much more fulfilling!


bebe said...

In the immortal words of my beloved granddaughter 'GO BUCKS"

Mommin' It Up! said...

that is so funny! i cannot believe i didn't know you guys were going to the game. I love the Buckeyes but I HATE football. So I just like to hear about a victory, not watch one!