Monday, March 2, 2009

Candyland or Killmeland?

Back before Christmas I was so excited because Target had board games on super-duper sale. I planned ahead (maybe the first time, ever!) and snatched up Candyland for Olivia's birthday.

Having grown up an only child, I owned tons of games but rarely had anyone to play them with. My mom did a pretty good job of playing with me, but as I recall, I would have played them a lot more if I had my way (see, I told you I wasn't spoiled.)

So in order to give my children a richer childhood than I had, my plans are to play tons of games with them. When Olivia decided to end her rest time an hour early today and asked for a movie the thought occurred to me that it's time to stop relying on Barbie and Cinderella to help me out during the post-nap funk (mine NOT O's) and to start playing games.

Well... Bebe, I have a new found understanding of why you were one round and done on the game thing. It's REALLY FRUSTRATING playing a board game with a 3 year old!

Not only did she change from being the blue guy to the red guy multiple times throughout the first round, she would also decide she liked the card I chose better than the one she had (of course she did, the card I chose shot me all the way across the board and onto the cool pink square with the peanut on it.) But hey, that was my card and I wanted it.
AND THEN when I got stuck on some licorice and had to lose a turn, O's response was "Holy smokers" and then laughed. Nice sportsmanship, Olivia! geeze. So, in the end, I won! (Take that you cheater cheater pumpkin eater) But she wanted to play another round and I'm bored. So, I'm trying to decide if I'm going to put in Barbie's Diamond Castle movie or Cinderella- any votes?


Susie said...

If you really want a frustrating experience, try chutes and ladders. Hate it!

Mommin' It Up! said...

Susie! I was about to post the exact same comment! Chutes & Ladders makes mommy want to shoot herself. Oy.