Wednesday, March 18, 2009

not to be outdone!

This poor guy may have entered the picture second, but he is holding his own! I do feel, however, Turner gets the shaft here on this blog. Because he doesn't say much at this point (dog and da-da) the blog usually revolves around what his big sister is saying. So I thought it was high-time to give a Turner update. (Are those not the biggest, bluest eyes you've ever seen??)

So pretty much if you can bang it, slam it, use it as a hammer or annoy your sister with it, he's into it! It is so funny to me that God created little boys to instinctively make a car noise. He loves trucks, cars and balls. And without us coaching him up, he knows how to use all three of those things quite well. He's pretty good with his motor skills and it's scarring me! Up and down, up and down- wears me out!

He and his sister are frick and frack. They really enjoy chasing each other around the living room. Just this week, Olivia has taught Turner how to twirl. (hmmm... daddy's gonna love that one!) And when he spins around he starts to belly laugh.
He wants nothing to do with reading books and can hardly sit through a movie. He wants to be held a lot and has recently been in several time outs. He throws more food from the high chair than he actually eats (I was NEVER going to have a child that launched stuff from his chair.) In fact today I was so proud of him because he finished nearly all of his lunch. When I got him out of his chair practically all of his chicken fell out of his lap. He is a Stinker with a capital S and I love every square inch of him!!! In fact I just can't wait for Quinn to get home because I think Turner is really going to enjoy having a brother. Who knew I could love a boy so much???!!!

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