Monday, March 16, 2009

she's growing up!

And is apparently staring in the Olivia Newton-John Let's Get Physical video with that head band, but I digress.

We were at the Mall this weekend and hit the play area (and I'm sorry but there are some children in there who seem like they are days away from getting their driver's permit running around playing tag and just generally making it hard for mom's with small kids like mine to keep them safe. Huff... but that's a different post) and I saw a transformation happen right before my eyes.

My daughter went from toddler to full-fledged kid. I looked over and there were some older girls playing and O walked right up to them and joined in. Before I knew it the three of them were holding hands and cruising around the play land like they were the stuff. I guess when you're dressed like Aeriel- or Olivia Newton-John- people just want to be your friend.

So I either need to get a tail or some shiny spandex and a sweat band. I'm not sure that translates from the 3 year old crowd to the 30-something; but I'm open to input.
Anyhow... I knew later that day we'd really lost her when Steve suggested in the middle of the day that we "do b-a-t-h-s (FYI; the dashes indicate Steve spelling the word) now rather than later." At which point O yells, "I wanna take a bath." Whoa!
So I said, "OK, what does b-a-t-h spell?"
O: "bath". Hmmmm...
me: "What about m-o-v-i-e?"
O. with confidence, "movie!"
me: seeing the challenge and raising her 500, "O-l-i-v-i-a?"
O: "my name"
me: okay smarty pants : "m-o-m-m-y?"
O: "your name!"
me: "d-a-d-d-y?"
O: "daddy."
me: (ready to apply for college scholarships right after the conversation) "t-u-r-n-e-r?"
O: "BATH!"
Me: (to myself) whew, she doesn't have me beat yet!

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Amber said...

saw her sat. night and i am LOVING the headband :)
i also have a serious issue w/the dayton mall play land and the 14 year olds that run around in there. our kids have been knocked down countless times by the huge kids running. and no parents to be seen. don't think i haven't told them to slow down and watch out. i better be careful or i'll be throwin' down with some other parent in the mall :)