Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I became a mom today.

Nope, there's no word on Quinn. And this is an even more official way of becoming a mom than shooting a large watermelon from where the sun don't shine! We got a mini-van.

I don't know when I became too cool, but the last thing on earth I EVER wanted to drive was a mini van. This coming from a girl whose first car was a Ford Festiva (you remember, the roller skate on wheels of the early 90's?!) and whose second car was a Dodge Neon; whose third car was the NYC transit system and whose 4th car was a Chinese bicycle (you get the point.)

Well, upon entering this marriage gig, I moved up in the world and started driving Steve's super cool and sporty Jeep Grand Cherokee. It was the most glorious 5 years of my life. So glorious I decided early into the marriage I could make the Jeep thing work with any number of children (because my magic number of children at the time was 2... refer back to the shooting of watermelons from the human body!)

But then God did a sneak attack with the whole adoption thing. Wait a minute... this whole 3rd child, orphan boy plan was just a way to break down my pride and cross another "I'll never do THAT as a mom" statement off my list. Nice work, Lord but I'm on to 'ya.

But here I go and swallow my pride because I might have to say, our new Toyota Sienna is super cool and very luxurious. It has leather seats, built in DVD player (make that two cross off's the "I'll never do THAT as a mom" list.) and get this... BUN WARMERS for the front seats. I may have died and gone to heaven. So, take that you Jeep owner! My new car has automatic side door openers and even an automatic rear hatch opener. Olivia is SO FAR away from me, I barely know she's in the car (except when she's whining, crying, talking, singing, bothering her brother etc.) Okay, so I still know she's there, but at least she's really far away now!

So a lesson I've learned in all of this? Never say never! And if you too think you're too cool for a mini van, come on over to the dark side where our kids are far away and our buns are warm.


Amber said...

congrats and welcome :)

jenny said...

I also swore I would NEVER drive parents actually used to place bets that Ben and I would break down and buy one. And guess, what???!!! We were in the exact same position as you...girl, boy, and getting ready to pick up orphan boy and all bets were off....and I have to agree, the minivan with all its perks has been a wonderful thing for our family! Congrats!!

Colleen said...

Looks good, E! Our Odyssey has many of the same features in common with the Sienna. We love it so much! Funny comment about the "bun warmers"--one bitterly cold day we had just gotten in the car and everyone was buckled in, heat was just starting to warm us up. Ken said, "I feel so bad for the kids in their cold carseats," He then immediately reached down and turned his bun warmer to high! I just laughed and said, "So sorry kids!"

Colleen said...

Forgot to say I remember the Festiva well. I believe I one time had to sit back in the hatch with Pam Bayer!

Dayton Mall said...

Hi, Elizabeth,

We remembered the wonderful comments you made about our Dayton Mall December Dance Along Nutcracker and wanted to let you know about another upcoming family event. On Saturday, March 14 at 2 & 4 pm, we'll be having a Dance Along Sleeping Beauty. All dancers, both parents and children, will receive a tutu (which I know you loved) and a sparkley magic wand. Hope you and your daughter can make it!

Dana from Dayton Mall

Mommin' It Up! said...

That's awesome! That's just like my brother's and it's really nice. PLUS, you know someone who likes to work on Toyotas and works for cheap. :)

Amber said...

here you go!