Saturday, February 28, 2009

lamb chops and crab cakes

So we showed up in Hilton Head for a work conference for Steve. We were staying at the Crowne Plaza hotel and it was quite nice. Upon our arrival and check in the manager came out to greet us. She went on and on about how she hoped that we had a great stay and how excited they were to have our conference staying with the Crowne Plaza. To which Steve responded, "Uh, thanks."

You see, our division of our company is a bit of a guest at this conference and while Steve is an influential leader, he is not exactly a big wig. So the greeting just seemed a bit odd.

When we arrived in our room (which was spacious and lovely) we found a complimentary box of hand carved chocolate with a kind note from the management thanking us for our stay. Nice touch.

But later that night, after dropping off the kids at Steve's parents' condo for the night (yes a 5 night kid-free stay... ahhh) there is was... a "special" gift. Room service with a very nice note welcoming us (once again) with a complimentary lamb chop dinner awaiting us.

But that doesn't look like lamb chops in that picture you say?

Well, that's because this is the SECOND complimentary room service dinner delivered to our room the night before we left. Crab cakes awaited us along with another note thanking us for our stay.

So, we're pretty sure that the Crowne Plaza thought we were someone we clearly are NOT. We even mentioned the lamb chops to some of our co-workers after that first night and when we realized we were the only ones, we were a bit embarrassed. Ooops. I'm pretty sure there was some important big wig staying there that got jipped. But for us, it was a real treat to live like royalty for a few days.

Oh, and by the way, I almost didn't even include this photo because I look like I've failed Weight Watchers and gained all my weight back. I assure you, the crab cake dinner did NOT go straight to my mid section, however, Steve's hideous fleece didn't do much for my figure, however it did help keep me warm.

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