Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's all in my mind

Today I was on campus at the University of Dayton. I spend Thursday afternoons there, where I mentor some girls. I love it! It gets me out of the house, focus off myself and keeps me young and hip (or so I think.) At least it keeps me aware of the latest "cool" lingo (which probably doesn't include the word cool) and keeps me up on the latest fashion trends. My current favorite piece of ridiculousness- very short running shorts paired with tall Ugh boots. Come on girls, I know I'm closing in on 40, which automatically keeps me from being trendy- but I'm telling 'ya- you're gonna wish you hadn't done THAT!

Today I was in the freshman dorm looking for available freshmen athletes. I found a golfer who actually graduated from my all girls Catholic high school- last year! It was fun to chit chat with her (ooo... mental note, college girls probably don't "chit-chat") and hear how her freshman year experiences have been treating her. As we were talking it occurred to me- hmmm... quick math tells me she graduated in 2008, me- 1990 = 18 years apart.

Ummm... this girl, who could *practically* be my twin (because of my, umm, youthful looks) could actually be my daughter. Scrolling back to my senior year of high school there were several girls I graduated with who were quite "with child" as we marched down the graduation aisle. Doing the quick math once again, that makes their kids 18- same age as my "twin". Ack! Are you kidding me? In my mind I'm still 22. I'm only a few short years past The Cure and River Phoenix posters in my dorm, making grilled cheese sandwiches on my iron and sorority date parties.

In reality I turn 37 in a few months, buy clothes at J*Jill (aren't those mom clothes?), get totally thrilled over coupons and CVS ECB's and am scheduled for my first mammogram in 2 weeks. So how did this happen?? And why didn't anyone tell me it was happening? One thing is for sure, I'm NEVER driving a mini-van! Oh, shoot... never mind.


Susie said...

I hear you... this will be my first summer project where I'm not the cool young staff member :(

Mommin' It Up! said...

am giggling! funny stuff. you are young! you have young kids, they keep you young. :) and you are totally COOL. cause ECBs are what's HOT, baby!

Baba said...

Hi! Nice blog! Party hopping and participating too so stop in for a visit. Praying for Zoe and her parents.

Colleen said...

Yes, Jenny's daughter is 18 now. It is so hard to believe! I'm trying to think who was pregnant in our class, though??