Monday, March 9, 2009


We've come to the point in this whole house selling thing where we are taking the step to get serious. Serious -as in- hiring a realtor, hosting honest to goodness showings and having someone other than a For Sale By Owner sign market our home for us- serious. Guess what he told us, "You'll need to de-clutter a bit."

Apparently this man does not realize that next to the word clutter in the dictionary is a picture of me. I AM the definition of clutter. I try not to be. I really do. In fact, our mini-van has some new "rules". And I'm *mostly* enforcing them. (New rule added just the other day, no one-year-olds who like to throw their drink cups may drink milk in the new van.) We may have had a *small* accident this weekend with just such a milk cup. But now the new rule is being strictly enforced, I swear!

But back to de-cluttering my home. After the realtor left, I felt a bit overwhelmed, to say the least. His advice- just start moving one thing out a day. (Define "one thing") I mean I could nearly have a heart attack just looking at the attic. There happens to be a whole "wing" designated to baby clothes, baby gear and all other baby stuff you can imagine. I mean, isn't that where all baby things should have their final resting place? You never know when you may need that wipes warmer (even if i NEVER used it for either of my kids, neither did my friends who I lent it to and after a few weeks of it cluttering up their homes, they graciously returned it thinking "boy am I glad I didn't register for that useless piece of junk.")

So I took Mr. Fancy Pants' great advice and have begun to tackle "one thing" each day. But this one thing has happened to eat up three days! Sorting through and trying to sell back this baby crap. Olivia has had some very nice and very expensive stuff. (first born, what can I say?) And I've learned some great things about selling back that stuff. One, the stores are pretty picky. Two, the stores only buy seasonally. And three, no store is created equal as far as what is buy-backable.

I gathered (and I do NOT exaggerate) 11 of those enormous Zip Lock Storage bags crammed full of clothing, shoes and coats (THIS is how I found out about the seasonal thing!) and carted them all around the Greater Dayton area. I probably spent as much in gas as I made back in money. However, I am proud to say that I made $130 today. And I can go back in July and try again with all the winter stuff they were not willing to take from me. (And I have some super cute winter stuff, I'll tell you that right now.) I *might* be going back tomorrow with my maternity clothes. If I could even get $25 for that stuff, I'd be happy. I will not shed a tear to see those clothes leave my home! If you've had kids, do you just gag looking at your maternity stuff, or is it just me?

I did mangage to get through Olivia's closets today as well. I got several bags together to go to Goodwill. Oh, and sidenote- would you please promise me one thing? That you will never ever give another baby blanket at a baby shower as long as you live! I bagged up 9 pink un-used baby blankets of Olivia's. They were in the deep dark recesses of her closet. (She happened to be a particularly hot baby and barely required clothing, let alone baby blankets.) But still, even the coldest of babies would never go through that many baby blankets! I know they are soft, cuddly and practically irresistable, but for the love of Pete, stick with what's on the registry!

Tomorrow's project? The "wing" of the attic that has been dedicated to all of Steve's bachelor stuff. It wasn't cool then and it CERTAINLY isn't cool 6 years later. Pretty sure there ain't no store that's gonna give us money for any of that stuff. Sorry, sweetie but I love you though!

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cindy said...

If your house needs to be decluttered, what on earth would your realtor say in our apt?!