Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Film at 11

Um, you just might see my mug on the news tonight in a most wanted section... because I basically ROBBED CVS today.
I got all this for $1.17. Yep. I worked the system baby. Are you convinced yet? Coupons, ECB's you name it, I did it. And it worked. Although the money I saved may have to go toward Weight Watchers after I eat myself back above my goal weight, yikes. I have to admit I was a wee bit embarrassed checking out when 1/2 my order was some sort of sugary substance. Whatever.
Not only did I get all this stuff for $1.17, I also made 17 ECB's for my next chocolate shopping spree.
(Hey, at least I didn't bring home another razor- right, Steve?) Although, I have to admit I WAS tempted. I mean, shoot, if they were just handing razors out for free on the street I'd take one, right??
Anyhow, if you have not looked into this CVS/couponing thing yet, I HIGHLY recommend doing so. Not only is it economical, it's really really fun!!!
*** In case you care and can't get a good look here is what is pictured:
6 bags of Nestle Easter candy
5 bottles of Johnson and Johnson baby wash
1 Diaper Genie refill
1 ginormous heart shaped Russel Stover's box of chocolates
2 Recess Whipps candy bars
1 trial size bottle of ACT mouthwash
1 bag of candy jewelry
1 box of Carnation Instant Breakfast mix
$1.17 people!!! Crazy I tell you!!!

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Mommin' It Up! said...

WOW! I am super-impressed!!!!!! I haven't even been this week...I don't think I can top that, I better just stay home! You go girl!!