Friday, March 27, 2009

Not what you expect

Some good friends of ours, Mandy and Aaron, had their baby girl yesterday. Zoe was born three weeks early. Poor Mandy had one heck of a labor (induced, 36 hours w/ lots of back pain- wanted no drugs, ended up going epidural, pushed for 1 1/2 hours, you get the drift.) The reason for the early induction- an ultrasound showed some cause for concern as did a non stress test.

After delivery (as rough as it was) everything seemed to be fine. Because of the previous ultrasound concern, there was a cat scan done which revealed a 4cm mass on Zoe's left kidney. (Apparently in the image, the mass looked nearly as big as her little stomach.) So after a long, rough labor and delivery poor Mandy is understandably worried for her baby girl. Zoe is being transported to a Children's Hospital in Phoenix, where they live.

If you happen to be the praying type, please pray for this sweet young couple. (Mandy and Aaron are both in their mid to upper twenties.) Zoe is their first baby. I can only imagine how exhausted they both are. They have an amazing faith in God and although this is hard and scary they and I would both agree that God is good ALL THE TIME, even when we are tempted to ask the why questions.

I am so sad. It is so hard when joyous events turn out to be not what you expect. I have to say, news like this makes me so appreciate my kids! Makes me hug them and kiss them till they're sick of me. I think about Quinn and how because of his birth situation, he was abandoned. His parents' loss is our gain. His cleft lip was NOT an accident, it was the vehicle used to get him to our family. God has a mysterious way of working things out in life. Zoe's tumor is not an accident and I pray that good will come out of it. Today, my heart is trusting!

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