Monday, March 16, 2009

little mermaid meets sleeping beauty

This weekend our family headed over to the Dayton Mall for round two of the dance along free ballet series (you may remember back in December we took O and she and I both got matching tutus!) Saturday they were doing Sleeping Beauty so we just had to go. Well, thanks to BeBe, O had a brand new dress-up to wear. A full mermaid costume (including annoying tail that gets in my way !) So while everyone else got into their tutu's O refused since "Aeriel doesn't wear a tutu." Duh! The good thing, this got me out of the wearing the size 3T tutu this time.

What is so funny about my daughter is that she can stay glued to YouTube ballet for an hour. Girl is mesmerized by ballet. But when it comes time to try it or get near it, she's not having it. At one point I dared her NOT to smile (parental disclaimer: I realize it is not good to bribe your kid into doing what you want by enticing disobedience, but let's face it- sometimes- it's the only thing that works!) and naturally it worked. But that was the only moment she broke a grin.

Don't misunderstand me though, girlfriend was f-a-c-i-n-a-t-e-d! Wouldn't stop talking about it-after- we got in the car. For two days she's been twirling and leaping around the house. But while we were there, she was all business. So for now, we'll keep taking her, showing her YouTube clips and hoping one day she'll match her face to her insides.

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