Tuesday, March 24, 2009


What is more irresistible than a napping baby with his buns in the air? Oh my goodness- it has to be one of the sweetest things in the world. I just couldn't resist capturing this and sharing it with YOU!

You know what else is irresistible to a 3 year old big sister? Yelling, "Turner, get up! You can get up now!" Somehow, Turner did not find that announcement nearly as exciting as O did. Girl can't wait for her rest time to be over (I've stopped fighting reality and no longer insist on calling it nap time.) Cuz who are we fooling?

The other day during "nap time" Olivia had deodorant all over her neck and my room was in disarray. Unless she's sleep walking, I needed to give up the ghost. However, mommy still needs "rest time" for her own sanity, even if rest includes sampling all unlocked hygiene products.

And since we're talking about irresistible: here is today's lunch to balance out last night's health fair. And in case you're concerned, because we do in fact live in the mid-west, where corn dogs are considered a vegetable, my kids had a rather balanced meal, don't 'ya think!

And it really is too bad that there were so many left overs! I just couldn't bare to see them go to waste. I may have had to clean a plate (or two) just to make sure that lunch was not only nutritious, but also delicious. Come on county fair, I need me a deep-fried snickers to round out my lunch. Weight Watchers seems to be working well for me these days, doesn't it?!

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CC said...

My kids totally used to (and still sometimes do!) sleep with their bums in the air. Too cute!!