Monday, December 29, 2008

And away we go

We're on the move again in our adoption journey. It really did come! The long awaited and much anticipated I-797C form is in our hands, the affidavit signed (you have to send in a copy of the form- thus needing a sworn affidavit that it is a copy of the actual paper *like we're gonna forge it* which in return then requires all the other 14 stamps to go with it.) So... Steve is off to the county courthouse who has to confirm that the notary is not a fake (cuz the lady at the bank did look a bit shady, like she just might be an impostor notary public!) Then the paper goes off to the Ohio Secretary of State (whom you may remember, was a bit suspect during the elections for possibly being involved with voter fraud-- but we're gonna go ahead and let her stamp our adoption papers anyhoo) and then it's off to our friends in NYC, who will hand deliver it to the Chinese Consulate (and you guessed it, where the paper will receive a STAMP.) With our friends hand delivering it, about a week and a half (at least) will be shaved off of the wait time. And then this lone little (yet mighty) paper will join it's fellow papers to complete with is called our dossier.

Once in, the dossier will be approved by China (remember, we've been pre-approved by China for this whole thing- but nothing really counts until you've been actually approved- we get a Lock In Date - or if you wanna sound cool in the adoption world, you call it a LID.) And once we get that, we should be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel for Operation Pick Up Quinn.

Just FYI- the usual wait for today's paper is "SUPPOSE TO BE" around 90 days. But our agency was trying to calm our fears by warning us that people have been waiting 120+ days etc. Our wait time? 71 days! Thanks, Lord! Pre-approval- normal time 3-7 weeks. Our wait time? 3 days! Ditto, Lord! Time frame for getting a referral of a child from China? (healthy kids anywhere from 2-4 years. Special needs, quite a bit less, but usually 6-12 months.) Our wait time? 29 days. Are you kidding, Lord? Guess someone wants Quinn to be a Koproski-- and FAST. Well, here's to a crazy 2009, can't wait!


bebe said...

can't wait to place the order for another rocking chair. Thanks to Queener families help in speeding up process

Erika Duke said...

Wow that was awesome to read...I love that you broke down the dates. Can't wait to meet little Quinn at an AIA social :)

Traci said...

Ah! I'm so excited that Quinn will be home with you guys soon. Happy, happy, happy!