Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm a winner

I never win stuff. Ok, I take it back, a few years ago at our company Christmas party I won a box of chocolate covered cherries. (Does anyone really eat those things? Or do they just give 'em away so they don't have to eat them?) About a month back you may recall I linked up Seal's new album for you to take a listen. All in all I thought the music was pretty good. I most likely would not go out and buy the album for myself, but mostly that is because I am not a music buyer (except for David Cook's new album... HAD to have that and I recommend you march your little buns out and stuff your stocking with it... it's good!) Did I mention that I am still in the dark ages? No I Pod in this house. (No joke, about 2 years ago I just threw out my tape-playing Walkman, oh the shame of it.)

Oh, right, so I never win anything. So if I posted that link for the Seal album I was entered for a chance to win the CD. I got an email yesterday, on my deathbed no less, letting me know that I was randomly selected to receive the album (Guess it's a good thing, after all, that I still play CD's.) Weeee! I really did think the music was decent, so I'm looking forward to getting it in the mail. Hopefully this marketing company will allow me the opportunity to introduce you to more products in the future, therefore, hooking me up along the way. All in all a win-win, don't 'ya think?