Thursday, December 4, 2008

My feeble attempt

at keeping Jesus the reason for the season.
Olivia has officially hit that annoying age where EVERY commercial is met with a hysterical high pitched scream. The other morning I was fixing breakfast when I heard a scream that surely meant blood, severed limb or... My Little Pony.
She wants everything and it's getting on my nerves. I've tried several ways to make sure that Christmas doesn't become just about getting stuff. But let's face it, when you're two going on thirteen life is about you.
So for the past two years I've scoured the shelves looking for the Fisher-Price nativity scene and finally wised up and looked on line this year. It arrived at our doorstep yesterday and I was in a dilemma. Do we get it out now (It was a nice gift and goes into the Christmas budget) or save it for Christmas morning? Seems to me, if we wait we miss the whole point of the toy. So I broke it out this morning. And it's a hit!
When I showed O the cows, the sheep and the baby Jesus her response, "That's hilarious!" (I'm not so sure what's hilarious about it but I went with it.) Last year, I nearly broke down and got the Veggie Tales nativity set but something didn't sit right with me Baby Jesus as a tomato. It's hard enough to grasp the concept of God, the Creator of the Universe coming as a baby- but now He's a tomato too? Too much of a stretch at keeping it real. I'm glad I held out. Thanks Fisher-Price for making a toy I'm glad to spend my money on.

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