Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Perfect Storm

This week has been filled with some ups and downs (read hormones here!) Without going into all the gory details, I finished nursing Turner this week. Monday was my final "nurse" (is there really a good verb for that?? ) and oddly enough, it was a bit sad. For months I've looked ahead to that moment with anticipation and when it snuck up on me I was a bit misty eyed. Along with giving up nursing I am also giving up those glorious 550 calories a day I've been burning. Who knew making milk was a work out unto itself. (That's 10 extra points in the WW world, gone, poof, bye-bye.) Sigh. And lets just say all has "returned to normal" in my body-- boo! So my hormones have been positively bonkers this week.
Well, that doesn't bode well for a nearly 3 year old who is in "grandparents detox" post the Thanksgiving stay of one BeBe and Paw. She has been following me around with her arms extended in the upward position yelling "Hold Me" for 2 days. Are you kidding me? You are almost THREE, there is no way I'm carrying you around. If you even look at me wrong these days there's a good chance you may lose your head. So you can imagine the scene at the Y on Monday when I got her from the childcare room and she threw the mother of all tantrums for nearly 10 minutes. Including a full on lay-on-the-floor-snot-flying-screaming-at-the-top-of her-lungs doozy. Eventually, I literally dragged her to the car by pulling her arm as she became a human dust mop (I'm sending the Coffman YMCA their bill for our services soon.)
Later, Steve asked if I was embarrassed. Me? I wasn't the one with the purple face, snot flung clear across my face screaming at the top of my lungs (although I wanted to be!!!) The thought of embarrassment hadn't even occurred to me. Now, should I be embarrassed that I wasn't embarrassed??
Then there was this *tiff* or was it a *spat*? that Steve and I had last night. I would go into the details but I've already been in trouble for accidentally making my Facebook status "fighting with my husband" last night. Suffice it to say that we haven't had a disagreement of that magnitude for awhile.
Mix in a bit of anxiety while waiting on our I-797C... come on US Government- how about an early Christmas gift? As I was preparing for Thanksgiving last week, I unexpectedly began weeping. How the heck can I feel so deeply about a kid I've never met? The thought of Quinn in that orphanage during the holidays was really more than I could bare at that moment. I was a blubbering idiot.
I've never been a big fan of hiding behind hormones (because in fact, I still do have choices in all of this- or so I'm told) however, when you combine hormones with kids and a husband, I do believe you have the elements for the perfect storm. Move over Ike, E's in town!


Susie said...

First, I don't want to rejoice in your misery, but I am glad to hear that someone else's kid is capable of such public tantrums.
Second, of course you're hormonal - you're "pregnant" (though it may be on paper, your heart's already realized there's not a huge difference).
And, third, I almost commented on your facebook status last night, but I figured you would probably already be in discussions on that one, and I didn't want to add fuel to the fire :)
But, congrats on graduating from milk machine to normal woman - it will be a while until I join your ranks, but that day WILL come.

Mommin' It Up! said...

i love that picture of you guys! My hormones were nuts after I finished nursing Soph too. I was in tears most of October. Whaddya do? Ride it out, baby! And my kids also seemed to sense it an take advantage of my emotional instability. WHEE!!