Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I hear jingle bells..

Well... after naps and gingerbread house decorating it was time for our traditional Christmas eve dinner (started by my mom many years ago). A bunch of appetizers (but when there are just a few of us and 1/2 are kids the appetizers took on more of the form of junk food.) We had to shovel it in so that we could make it to the 6:00 service at church (when we got there we found out it actually started at 6:30, so we got in our drive around and look at lights before church.)

One tradition we've started is a birthday cake for Jesus. We sing to Him and everything. Olivia told me earlier today she thought we should sing Him the ABC song instead of the Happy Birthday song. But in fact, I should sing it and not her. When I asked her why she didn't want to sing she told me, "because I'm too shy." Whatever! We ended up singing Happy Birthday and she even joined in.

On our ride home from church I asked what they did in childcare. She told me "play toys." I asked if they told her any stories AT CHURCH, on CHRISTMAS EVE?!? She said no. But then she casually threw in that they watched a movie about the baby Jesus (whew!) I asked who was in the movie? She said baby Jesus and some lambs. I asked what did the lambs do? She said, "they were sad, because their friends left." (We were assuming she was talking about the Shepard's.) Steve said, "where did their friends go?" (fishing for the Jesus answer, naturally). She thought about if for about 5 seconds and then said, "To their homes, I guess." Nice!!!
Well, Santa has arrived, if you look hard you'll see that there are cookies and milk waiting. The stockings have been filled and put on the floor in front of the gifts (post this photo) since one of them was too heavy to hang from the mantel (thanks, bebe- I still get the biggest stocking!!!)
Sleep well and if you hear something on the roof tonight, don't get out of bed or he may not stop at your house!!!

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