Monday, December 15, 2008

Aimee strikes again

So I was going to try and crop O out of this picture so that you could see my new hair cut better (how rude is that?) but I didn't really know how. I went Friday for a new cut and highlight and I have to say, this new girl, Aimee is really working out for me! Cut and color for $44, can you believe it?!
I know I've plugged her before, but let me do it again. She not only gives a great cut, nice color, but because she is in school and needs to learn all of the services you can book her for a manicure, pedicure, facial etc. And the prices are ridiculous. $11 for a mani, $15 for a pedi, $18 for a facial and $8 for eyebrows. The bummer (for us) is that she is going to be done with school in March. So go while the gettin' is good and cheap~!!! She is also trying to book a ton of clients in January so she can go to Chicago for free. If you are interested call (937) 558-0569 and book with Aimee. Tell her I sent you her way and I'll get a little break on my next cut too. (I'm pretty sure you can buy gift cards if you have any stocking stuffers left to buy. Shoot, that's a nice inexpensive little gift. Santa can't be too upset with you if you even throw one in for yourself.)


Mommin' It Up! said...

Looks fabulous!! My girl is gettin' pricey and I need my brows done. I might have to give Aimee a call!

bebe said...

it always works for me.