Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa owes me ten bucks!

We were up in Toledo celebrating Christmas with my mom and dad over the weekend. We did a ton of super fun stuff and had a great time. One thing that has been weighing on me was getting these kids on Santa's lap for a photo. We were at Children's Wonderland (a throw back from when I was a kid!) The Toledo Rec Center is decorated with a ton of lights, mechanical displays etc. and of course, Santa. So we went to have O tell Santa what she wanted and have Turner sit on his lap and O stand next to him (that was the deal) for a picture. I set Turner on Santa's lap (it never occurred to me Turner wouldn't like it.) You would have thought Santa poked him with pins or something. Purple faced and screaming bloody murder, Turner's response made us re-think the Santa picture and it ended up being the four Koproski's with Santa. It turned out to be a pretty cute picture.

While there I wanted to make sure Olivia told the big guy what she wanted him to bring her. As usual, O clammed up when he started talking to her. So instead of waiting for cues from mom- Santa says to my nearly three year old "What do you want me to bring you?" Her response... silence... Santa's response to the silence... "How about a Barbie doll? Would you like me to bring you a Barbie doll?" O's response to that.. eyes lighting up, big smile and vehement head shaking yes. MY response to this, "How about a Tinker Bell movie, Santa? Olivia has really been wanting a TINKER BELL movie." Santa- "Well, great, I can bring one of those too!"

TOO????? Who trained this guy???? Now I have to run out 2 days before Christmas and get a Barbie. My plan was to ignore the Barbie comment by the cheap imitation Santa, but this morning a commercial came on and O yells, "Look! Santa! He's gonna bring me a Tinker Bell movie and a Barbie." Shoot. Girl's got a mind like a steel trap. So, sometime today I have to find time to hunt down a Barbie, may there be one left that isn't a $50 collector's edition. Thanks, Santa!

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KTC said...

Oh, we avoided that one. I just said from day 1, 'there's no santa. it's me who gives you all your stuff.' I wanted all the credit!!! :) That's a "T" for you! :)
Merry Christmas,