Thursday, December 4, 2008

The boys

This week I found Turner a toy that he can walk with. It took him about 2 days to figure it out, now he's practically running around the house. He doesn't go far before he runs into a wall, a dog or a sister. He is so much more daring and physical than his sister ever was.
I think its pretty fun to have a similar picture of the boys. Why is it that my son in the orphanage looks happier than my son in the warm, over indulged house? Maybe because Quinn doesn't have to deal with Baxter -Hmmm...
This week I'm going to send away for Quinn's finding ad. This is the ad that the Chinese orphanage is required to place in the local paper telling the particulars of the child found. If there is no response in a designated time frame the child is officially abandoned and may be placed for adoption. Usually there is a picture in the finding ad (the earliest photo of the child in most cases.) There is also the most specific info about the finding location you may get. I'm hoping that we can get this ad in a month or two.

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bebe said...

What cute twins!!!!!!!!!!!!Can't wait until the one with the black hair gets to dress from the GAP etc.