Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nutcracker fun

In my attempt to take advantage of any and all holiday freebies, which usually end in a big fat bust (remember the Kroger "Halloween party" where my kids were the only ones in the entire store in costume, and then there was the Sam's Club Taste of the Holidays- we got there 10 minutes after all of the free samples had been put away) we went to the South Dayton Mall's Dance Along Nutcracker. This time, I found a winner!

On the news I heard there would be real ballerinas, tutus and tieras. It worked out perfectly 4pm start time- dinner and then off to work at our church's nursery. (see O the third one in from the right.)

My daughter loves all things pink, sparkly, beautiful and dance related (meaning, she's just like most other nearly 3 year old girls.) When we are home alone, she can dance and twirl with the best of 'em. But something funny happens when she gets around other people. The girl becomes mute! And shy. So you can imagine my surprise when she got her little self up right at the edge of the stage to watch. Mind you, she did not attempt any of the dance along parts of the program, but she watched intently and you better believe she will incorporate the moves into her own at-home repertoire.

The best part of the program were the tieras and tutus for the moms in the crowd too. And yes, they did give O and I the SAME SIZE tutu. You'll note me crouching down w/ my daughter on my lap as to hide the tutu embarrassment. The things you'll do for love!

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Luanne said...

I am so glad you guys got to go and have a good time.