Wednesday, October 1, 2008

come on, now!

I'm trying, I really am! To live by our budget that is. Steve is amazing at figuring out our finances. And if he gives me the monthly numbers, I do my best to stay within the parameters. I do okay. I rarely make expensive purchases, you've seen the plaid couches, and my newly re-sized rear is waiting to be outfitted for the fall, as we speak. But a girl can only do so much.

It's the food budget that gets me every time. I think one of the big problems is our attempt to eat healthier. Ever notice that the Ho Ho's and Ding Dong's are always on sale but the yummy fresh veggies- not so much? Not to mention "T-bone" (as daddy has taken to referring to our youngest) is now eating his weight in baby food these days. And sorry guys, I'm just not that into making my own. Lecture me later, but my days are full enough!

All that to say, because yesterday was the last day of the budget- we ate like it was! I really am trying to honor my husband here. We ate 6 month old frozen Slovenian sausages (made at a friend's father's butcher shop) and baked potatoes covered in black beans. Why? Because that was what we had. It wasn't terrible, we survived and today is a new month. But let's just say it may be a day or two until I can make it to Kroger and Trader Joe's because life is full.

Enter, clueless husband. He calls from campus today asking if I would mind terribly if we change our plans of heading to the outlet mall (Jeffersonville Prime Outlets ARE heaven on earth!) where I was going to be able to buy some pants for my previously mentioned rear. We've learned that the whole family shopping outings are, in fact, a gigantic waste of time for everyone! Staying home is not a problem for me, other than a tad bit of disappointment. But I'm an adult, I can deal. The problem came when he suggest rather than heading out for shopping and dinner, we invite cousin Nick over to eat with us. For what? Another embarrassing edition of "What concoction with she come up with tonight?" I love it when Nick, or anyone else, comes over, but only when there is more than marshmallows, hot dogs and a can of chickpeas around.

Needless to say, after "reasoning" with Steve, we both agreed that going out sounded a bit more feasible this time around. (It is a new budget month, after all. And we usually like to blow our wad the first week of the new month!) Hopefully, Nick doesn't have class or it just may be marshmallow covered chick peas for dinner tonight.


Mommin' It Up! said...

girl, come to the dark side! coupon coupon coupon!!

Ginainchina said...

OMG ELIZABETH!!! finally someone else that feels the pain of a grocery budget! its kills me. its actually the one fight that grant and i have since being married that has been a theme throughout the 5+ yrs. sometimes i dream of a stocked pantry - ya know the kind where people go to costco and buy a 6 pack of cream of mushroom just cause they're out, not because its planned in the meal that week. HAHAHA.

Susie said...

just found your blog - hilarious. I hate it when I get us through living on a budget, and then like you mention, I can actually afford to go shopping again, but have no time! Which is why we end up blowing the wad on eating out because budget money and time at the store never coincide... what a vicious cycle....