Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The milk truck cometh

For the past 9+ months I have been attatched to either this


This! (Most usually This!)
My goal with Turner, as was with Olivia, is to nurse for the first year of his life. I weaned Olivia at 11 months as she was D-O-N-E. Moving on to bigger and better things. I'm sensing a trend. I'm trying to make it to 10.5 months with T-man (mostly b/c I'm a cheapo and don't want to buy formula for 1 month.) Because memories really do fade, I asked my pediatrician how early I can give Turner cow's milk and he suggested I give him Similac until he's 2. Ummm... no thanks. Even though the price of milk keeps going up, I'd rather shell out money for milk and not formula.
I have to say, I am counting down the days until I'm a free agent, once again. I've loved nursing my children and would do it all over again in a heartbeat, but I gotta say, I love my freedom just as much.
Because I am not one who pumps on a regular basis, my manual Avent Isis pump has worked out just fine. During my first go around w/ Olivia I was much more discrete with nursing in general... second go around- HA! Here are some of the more random places you could have found me pumping milk these past few months:
*The back seat of a Chinese taxi cab.
*Faculty lounge bathroom at UD.
*Student handicap stall at KU at UD (weekly for the first several months.)
*10th row of Made of Honor back in April at the Greene.
*In the bathroom at the Martha Stewart wedding of a good friend, Laura- who works for Martha's magazine. FYI- Martha was just outside the door mingling with guests at the wedding. Nice!
And a final classy place took place this weekend in between the ceremony and reception of Nikki's wedding. Steve wanted to watch the OSU football game and we had an hour and a half to kill so we went to a sports bar where, thankfully, they had a pretty nice bathroom. A bathroom that had stalls with real doors and not the kind that if you stand just right you can see everything. Really good since I had a nice knit dress, hose, heels, the whole shebang. As I'm pumping away, I gave myself a nice little pep-talk. "You can do it, hang in there for another month and a half. The end is in sight. No one even has to know about this- until you blog about it, etc.")
People say they'll miss nursing. I've even heard friends say that if they look hard enough at a baby their body will actually produce milk. Sounds crazy to me! If God wanted me to produce milk for a lifetime, He would have given me udders. This milk truck is ready to be taken to the junk yard and have it's parts stripped! So you may need to help Steve find me in December when I'm missing for 10 hours at a time just because I can be. Merry Christmas to me!


betseykerr said...

I have to say I LOL with the thought of you having udders! Thanks for making my day... Plus, your modesty has come a long way since our days of BGSU!

Mommin' It Up! said...

if you are done nursing before I am, I am NOT gonna be happy.
Just kidding, this is the last week, I SWEAR!

bebe said...


JRT said...

Congrats E! When Turner is done, you are done!
Enjoy that natural weight loss plan too. It doesn't work that way w/ adoptions unfortunately. :)