Friday, October 31, 2008

say what?

After trick or treating last night (yes it is weird but for some odd reason we didn't go door to door on Halloween) we were revealing in the loot when O took her favorite treat from the night and did this (see photo). She then said, "Hey mom, I'm like the Pope."

Have I ever mentioned that my daughter is OBSESSED with the Pope?! What makes this even funnier is that we're not even Catholic. The first time I ever noticed her love for all things Pope, she wasn't even 2. He came to the US for a visit and it was all she could talk about for the week. "What's that Pope doin'?" "What's that Pope talkin' 'bout?" stuff like that.

I'm pretty sure the fascination has to do with the long flowing robes, the cool hat and the staff he carries. Thus, being in a gold lam met, floor length dress and having a sucker "staff" qualifies you to be like the Pope when you're two.


bebe said...

Allow me to correct you regarding your daughter's fascination with the Holy Father,please. When she was barely one (maybe even younger),the former Pope was still alive but very ill, & was seen on t.v. often. His voice was very weak and must have scared her enough to cry, shake her head no and point at the t.v. whenever they showed him. Due to her Pope past your story really made me smile a grandmother's smile

Anonymous said...

ohmigosh! this is the cutest story ever, E!!! I love that little girl of yours. she is SSOOOO yours! ;-)

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

I just came across your blog tonight, and even though I don't know your family, I almost wet my pants laughing at this story -- hilarious!