Friday, October 17, 2008

Scarlet Letter

Yep, I've gone and done it- I've committed an unmentionable sin (well, not that unmentionable if I'm confessing it for YOU to see.) I've cheated on my hair stylist. I've been in a long term (nearly 5 years) relationship with my one and only love, Pam. When we first met she was working in a dumpy little shop where they didn't even take credit cards. Our first date ended embarrassingly when I found out they didn't take my plastic and I ended up leaving my wallet as collateral and running to the nearby ATM. Because Pam is brilliant at what she does, she quickly climbed the salon ladder. Her first move happened in the middle of the night and as I was about to go in for my appointment her former salon called to tell me she would not be keeping my appointment, luckily one of my friends had heard about her "deffection" and had her info.

So, naturally I followed Pam in the middle of the night to the new swanky salon. (secretly loving it, b/c I like to think of myself as a swanky salon kinda girl on a BoRics budget.) I am a loyalist and even though her prices increased, when you've got an addiction like mine, you must feed it (see, in case you didn't know this about me, I'm not a real blonde. Shocker, right?!)

Then about a year later without asking, me mind you, Pam moved AGAIN. This time to a salon whose name I can't even pronounce. And Steve likes to say we've second mortgaged our house just to keep me blonde. (It's not THAT bad.) But it has been bad. Bad enough that hair cuts have become birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and if there is a gift involved in any other holiday, you better believe it was going to outfit my head. In fact during one visit to Pam's chair, I forgot to ask how much the "extra little highlight treatment that we don't normally do but would look really cool with that new haircut" would be and I literally prayed the entire drive home that Steve wouldn't yell and me and that God would give me a really creative way to pay for the difference.

So, you can imagine my dilema when the same friend who introduced me to Pam (Chelsey, you stinker) told me about a new girl who was really good and in cosmotology school. Note: cosmotology student= very scary person. Second note: $9.99 haircut = very intriguing for our budget. This time, budget wins! So, I did it. In spite of our unspoken and undying love for each other (or at least mine for Pam's work); last week I went for highlights (1/3 the price of Pam's salon) and today I went back for part two- the haircut. She did an AWESOME job. I'm very pleased. My new love's name is Aimee and if you live in the Dayton area, I HIGHLY recommend giving her a call. She is at Regency Beauty Institute and please tell her Elizabeth sent 'ya. Oh, and if you run into Pam... just tell her I got hit by a bus and won't be needing a haircut for a while.


Susie said...

Oh yes, I believe I had a brief fling with the same Pam...luckily, when you move to India, you have an excuse to never go back again, because haircuts should be exciting, not guilt-inducing!
I've just gotten a tip on the "Hair Whisperer," who I am determined to try, but if he's not worth the money, than beauty school student here I come!

Ginainchina said...

post a pic of the new hair!!
love the story :)
I love getting my hair cut here in china - the head massage that comes with it, nothing beats it.. plus the price :) 10 kaui. i go.. hm.. about 2 times a week. HAHA

bebe said...

It is great to learn tht this Christmas it will cost 9.99 (+ tip) to please you. Heck, perhaps I'll do Valentine Day as well"! Oh by the way, feel free to keep the extra 3o bucks I sent.