Friday, October 24, 2008

Book 'em

Today was an important step in the adoption process. We had our scheduled Biometrics (FBI fingerprints) appointment in downtown Cincinnati this morning (9 am sharp.) That means we had to pack up the car full of Koproskis at 7:15 to make it through the nasty Cincy traffic to be there, park, go through the metal detectors and account for any emergency potty stops along the way.

All went well this morning... but as of last night I wasn't so sure that was going to be the report. Late afternoon I started to feel like I was coming down with something. That slow decline you feel and you know there is nothing to do to stop it and by the end of the day I was flat out on couch w/ a full blown case of the achies and a bit of a sour stomach. I went to bed at 10 just so I could try and get warm. (Don't you just hate that feeling?)

11:30 found us with a wake up call from O's room- sounded like a retch. Steve bounded out of bed in time to get her to the bathtub so she could throw up there. She made it, thankfully. I still felt terrible and couldn't help. I was worried I might join her over the side of the tub if I tried. She threw up until 1:00 and then went into a sound sleep. Turner woke up at 4:45 and cried on and off until nearly 6:00. My alarm went off at 6:30 and miraculously, I felt about 95% better. At least ready for the day. Olivia seemed 100% and Turner, as usual was all smiles.

The kids did great during our appointment. The lady doing the fingerprints even let Olivia go back in the computer room and watch. And as an added bonus, Olivia got her fingerprints up on the computer screen. She was all business and seemed pretty proud of herself. Naturally, it rained cats and dogs the whole way there and back. I also forgot my camera (and was rather sad, I was hoping to get some pics to document this momentous occasion.) So all we get is that homemade pic of my fingerprints.

Later today I took all of our documents for our dossier (minus the document we'll get back *hopefully* in the next month or two from today's fingerprinting) to the post office to be sent to the Chinese Consulate. All of our documents need to be authenticated (and stamped) from the Consulate in NYC. That may take as long as 30 days to get sent back. I'm guessing it won't take that long. Once we get those back we send them to our agency, they get translated and wait on the last lone document. Once that one comes back and we get it authenticated - it gets sent to the agency to be translated and joins the others and they are sent to China. Once China has that and we assigned a child we are good to go. WOW. Now we realize this could take several months or even a year(S). But because we are adopting a child with special needs, it will probably be on the quicker side of things.

All of this may seem rather insignificant... but to us today is a day worthy of celebration. (Which we did - brunch at First Watch- in spite of last night's barfies.) We weren't going to let that get us down. Such a bummer that I forgot my camera. Oh well, in the scheme of things, there were other way more important things to remember today.


bebe said...

I cannot wait to call baby Gum by his/her real name. Those Koproski family picks seem incomplete lately.

JRT said...

Is that a speck of vomit on your finger?
Did you video any of that like the time the light fell in via flood waters from above?

Carita said...

Congratulations on getting to this point! I can't wait to get there myself, but have quite a few more steps before we get there. We'll be praying for you guys!

Traci said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited that you've made it past the fingerprints. Bring on those approvals!!!