Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat

Well, tonight was beggar's night here in Dayton. So these are our pics... naturally we feel as though we had the cutest kids out, but you be the judge. (this may or may not be a recycled outfit for Turner this year.) The one and only year we can get away this year.

O wanted to be a bride. Most bride's wear gold, right?

Just had to include one more pic of our pumpkin.

The happy family.

The loot- not too shabby. (Just look at that grin on her face. Hilarious.)

O got to choose one piece right before bed. Naturally she chose the biggest and best. I ain't raisn' a fool! Now I have to figure out a plan to keep MYSELF out of the candy.


bebe said...

I hope that next Halloween you don't try to get one more wear out of the cute pumpkin costume.
Fortunately for new Baby Boy he will be larger than the pumpkin by the time he comes home to Dayton,Ohio! Speaking of coming home, I just reread you blog posted only a few days ago (Oct 25th) The one that followed your trip to get finger printed.The progress you shared was exciting at the time but it seemed that you expected many months of waiting to find out you had a girl or boy, what his needs were & how old he/she was. What a difference 5 days made.

taisleyred said...

e!!! that's so cute! i loved seeing these pics. o is too adorable. but wait... i'm confused. it's halloween night here in china and you're 12 hours behind me. did they trick or treat on the 30th?