Sunday, October 5, 2008

Somebody pinch me

'Cuz this must be a dream. We've been headed this way for a few weeks, but today it happened. My children played happily *together* for about 1/2 hour. It was lovely. Dare I say glorious??? Olivia shared. Didn't yank a puzzle piece out of Turner's hand the whole time. Turner didn't bonk his head on the coffee table or shut his hand in a drawer (see amazing Pottery Barn coffee table at top left hand corner.) A lovely gift my mom got us pre-kids. Came complete w/ drawers, cubby holes and 4 toddler level really sharp corners but I digress...
I sat and soaked up the tandum play for a full 30 minutes. No screaming, whining or selfishness. (And the kids did great too.) Wow! It's the simple things in life, it truly is.

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bebe said...

just a quick comment regarding your pottery barn table acknowledgmwent, I would hope that,if PB reads the plug and if they find it worthy of a generous gift gift that you will remember in your own words " a lovley gift my mom got us' AND SPLIT THE BOUNTY. i continute to join you iun this long wait for the fruits of this blog,