Tuesday, September 30, 2008

feels like Christmas

Today John the mailman was the bearer of some very good mail. (PS that's NOT John the mailman, that's Steve in case you don't know him.) We got a piece of paper telling us that we will soon be receiving another very good piece of mail indicating the date and time of our appointment to go and get the biometric fingerprints. This is a very big deal in the adoption world.
Ho hum you say? Perhaps you do not realize this is the paper we were fearing would not come b/c we could not come up with the elusive "letter from China" saying we are not child abusers. I suppose there is still a chance that they will come back to us and say we need to get on an airplane and go visit the PSB ourselves, but I'm taking this as very good news. We are one step closer to Baby Gum.
A different step closer happened today as well. Steve faxed our agency some paper work (including the checklist of special needs we are willing to accept) that will put us in line for a child. As I explained in an earlier post, things work differently and speedier in the world of special needs children. Too fast? Well, I'm not sure there is a too fast to rescue our child out of the orphanage at worst, foster care at best. But it does seem to be going faster than we originally thought (several years) that's for sure! Of course there are still months and months to go, and honestly, that's fine by us. But it is so nice to see some progress on our way to Baby Gum.


Traci said...

CONGRATULATIONS! We definitely know that it's not anywhere near "ho hum" (I was giddy the entire day we got ours). I'm so thankful that you guys have moved on to the next step.

Now we just have to hope and pray they move through all those i800a petitions a bit faster!

Have I mentioned how glad I am that we get to walk by you and Steve during this? Very, very glad.

Mommin' It Up! said...

awesome!! God Rocks!!!

Carita said...

Congratulations! You guys are several months ahead of us. Which paper was it that you received? It's encouraging to hear that you were able to get it even without the China Child Abuse clearance report. Any advice for us on that front?