Tuesday, October 14, 2008

back blog

Life has been a bit full these days! I really have fallen in love with blogging and it has even taken over *most* of my tv viewing time. But this past week when my evening hours rolled around, I didn't have much left to be clever or creative.

But don't worry- I'M BACK! Just a quick re-cap from last week. Thursday was family fun-day. We went to 2 different pumpkin patches to find our pumpkins. It was a weekday so there wern't 4,000 people (good) but on the flip side, the hayrides only run on the weekends (bad.)

So here are some shots from family fun day...

Turner turned 9 months last Wednesday. Love it. He is super fun right now. He started pointing at stuff, is close to saying dada and continues to laugh and smile all the time.

Olivia is such a diva. She insisted on wearing her velvet pink dress with the jeweled crown on it (sounds cheesey, but it is a beautiful Gymboree dress.) By the time we got home it was really really dirty... oh well.

The wagons were suppose to be for the PUMPKINS. But you can see how it played out with the Koproski's. Love it! Olivia ended up picking one for herself, a small one for Turner and mommy picked out a nice one for the family. (O's was more of the Charlie Brown Chirstmas special kind... if ya know what I mean.)

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Traci said...

Hey E. I've fallen in love with your blogging too. :)