Monday, October 20, 2008

busy weekend

We are coming off a jam-packed weekend. You know the kind, fun stuff but you wish you had a weekend to follow-up your weekend so you can get some rest. For sure the highlight was going to my friend Nikki's wedding. Short background- for the past 4 years I worked primarily with three girls at UD. It just so happens for their last 2 years of school, they were all roommates. Another crazy fact, they all had long-term SERIOUS boyfriends (high school sweetheart kinda stuff.) Infact, Nikki and Erin (another of the 3 girls) got engaged the same day! Crazy. Well, now all three are married and Steve and I were able to make it to all three weddings. Nikki's was the only one we went to solo- no kids. It was fun to not have to duck out as soon as they cut the cake (because I do INSIST on staying to get my piece of cake-- no matter what!)

Side note- I'm not too familiar w/ Columbus, OH- Steve used to live there. So when I told him earlier in the week that the wedding was near one of the colleges in Columbus, he rattled through a list of them. None of them sounded familiar. We did this total waste of time "game" unitl I finally said, just forget it- I DON'T REMEMBER THE NAME. Well, we got in the car after we got the babysitter all settled where we finally looked at the directions, only to find that the wedding wasn't exactly in Columbus. It was 40 miles east of Columbus at Denison University. OOps. Adding about 40 min. onto our trip. We argued for about 30 min. whose fault it was (clearly Steve's!-- get your own blog bud... this is mine... so clearly it was YOUR fault.) We got there 15 minutes after the wedding started. Very sad. My favorite part of a wedding is when the bride walks down the aisle. Oh well. Live and learn: make sure Steve sees the directions more than 2 minutes before leaving the garage.

Friday night the 4 of us went to a fall carnival at the Y. It started at 7 and my kids have a pretty strict bed times (7:30 for Turner and 8 for O.) But there were pony rides, crafts, games, S'mores and a pumpkin patch. What fun is life if you can't break bedtime every once in a while and have some good 'ole fashion homemade-plate-mask kinda fun??? So we bundled up, stood in line for stuff that ended up being "too scary" (i.e. pony rides, S'mores and the pumpkin patch) for Olivia. But she won some prizes at the games, ate some candy and then we went home. It was really fun (or at least I thought so.) I just love this time of year. So now it's Monday and I'm in recovery mode. This week is even crazier... still waiting for that "normal" week. Good luck.

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I guess the only way for me to really enjoy these blogs is to cut our phone calls to 3 or 4 a day. The amount of time we spend talking provides me with the material to actually ghost write EEK I have a blog.