Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Are there laws against this?

Just checking.
Why is it that my children AND my dog all choose to go bezerk when I'm on the phone? Today Baxter spilled a full cup of Crystal Light water (the staining kind) on my rug, Olivia spilled a full cup of milk all over the floor (who ever said it's no use crying over spilled milk obviously didn't have beautiful newly refinished hard wood floors), as we speak I just chased Baxter all around the upstairs (off limits to the dog) trying to wrestle toilet paper from the training potty out of his mouth and then there is this little stunt in the dog's cage. All was quiet on the western front (hmmm.. nice for a moment and then by the time I realized it, chills went and down the spine, realizing all is quiet on the western front = not a good sign.) I was tempted to leave them both there! They both were enjoying it, I was enjoying it. But I've seen one too many really bad stories on the news about this kind of thing. So I used good judgement and got the one in the dress out of the cage-should have left the one in the collar in! Lesson learned, I'll keep that one in mind for next time.

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