Monday, October 20, 2008

Have Mercy!

I'm not one for bathroom humor! I mean REALLY not. But with a 2 year old, all of a sudden things that I never found funny, are funny. Laugh out loud kind of funny. O and I are having a great day today. (Mind you, there have been a few tantrums, but over all we've done really well.) So when we were just sitting here snuggling together, reading blogs etc. (Ummm...why can't reading blogs together be a great mother/daughter bonding activity?) Baxter was laying at our feet. All of a sudden O. (who by small stature is closer to the ground) yelled out, "OH! Baxter's stinky." Just then...

Dog gas that could wake the dead. After gagging for about 15 seconds, Olivia and I just started cracking up. Last night at the dinner table, Olivia had a toot. Not funny. She is really good at not making a big deal of it and almost always just saying excuse me. Last night she says, "That was a UGE (huge) toot." I just gave her my stern look. Enough said. Then she squeaked out this other one and said in a cute small little voice, "That was a really little toot." I looked at her and then at Steve and I just couldn't do it, I laughed so hard I had a tear. So that's it- I've officially turned into a 12 year old boy. If you run into me and I'm making fart noises with my armpit, you may want to consider an intervention.

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sangju said...

Olivia's so adorable!! I really want to meet her in person... :)Can't wait till Selah starts talking.