Sunday, October 5, 2008

boys will be boys

People always say how different boys and girls are and aside from the obvious reasons, I'm finding it to be more and more true each day. It could also be some personality differences thrown in for good measure, but Turner is MUCH more physical, curious and daring.

We have these glorious floor to ceiling windows in our living room/dining room. I love them and since having kids I have a love/hate relationship with them. On the one hand, it is a great way for the kids to watch the traffic in our neighborhood. (car and foot traffic: one of the major pluses of where we live.) Since it's been nice enough to have the windows open, the kids (both of them) have LOVED playing at the windows.

Fine and good- until today. Look at what Turner learned how to do. I'm all for celebrating accomplishments and mile stones. I just wish he had also learned how to get down as well. Ugh. He made it 1/2 way up the stairs to the second floor the other day (O just wasn't ever so daring.) T doesn't seem to be afraid of anything. At the end of the day he seems to end up with eggs (the boo boo kind, not the chicken kind) on his head, bruises on his legs and other crazy stuff- yet he always manages to come out of it with a smile. Tough guy! Even tougher as he puts up with a big sister who yanks toys away, tattles and takes it upon herself to discipline. I know these issues are a dime a dozen and are certainly not unique to my two. They'll both be in counseling for their childhood, as will I but I feel hopeful that we'll all be speaking to each other in 20 years!

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bebe said...

How could it be that no one,but a bebe, comment on that adorable little guy in the window?