Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You get what you pay for!

Things around our house are starting to get back to normal. All 5 of us went to the Y yesterday to "give it a shot." If you know me, you know my obsession with the Y. Its not so much that I'm an exercise junkie or health nut. It's more that I REALLY love an hour and a half of free childcare every day!!! So, if I can slip a work out and an uninterrupted shower all in a course of an hour and a half, I'm a happy mommy!

So getting back into the swing of things at the Y is crucial for my sanity (and my weigh in's at Weight Watchers, which by the way, regardless of how FunnelQuest '09 may or may not have effected my goal weight, I am still attending!) Quinn did great in childcare yesterday, a little less great today but the ladies there were awesome and bent over backward in getting him adjusted and allowing me to get my full workout in. Yeah!
After our workouts this morning we swung by Cookie Cutters. This is where I get Olivia's haircut. She would get a haircut every 2 weeks if I let her. You see, Cookie Cutters is pretty much Dinseyworld without a big mouse and fireworks. And its only about $5 less than a ticket to Disney. But hey, you get what you pay for!
I absolutely LOVE the lady who cuts O's hair. I literally get stopped weekly in stores and all over the place to receive compliments on Olivia's hair. She gets to ride in a pink airplane, watch Barbie movies, eat suckers, use the slide and if she were so inclined walk out with a balloon.
The problem over the past 2 years has been convincing Steve that its worth the money. Today is the first time he's gone with me and I think he's a believer!

Today Turner got his first professional haircut. (I've done it up until now... needless to say its gotten beyond me!) Both of my kids tend to grow mullets. I'm not sure why? Maybe its all the funnel cakes and they instinctively want to be a Carney with the State Fair or something, but today was the last stop on the Duran Duran tour for Turner. Mandy, the miracle worker, had T-bone looking like such a big boy when we walked outta there! He sat in the Bat mobile and watched "choo-choo's" (a.k.a. Thomas) the whole time, she could have chopped off his head for all he cared, he was in hog heaven!
Quinn was not in need of a hair cut today since he came with a fresh new crew cut 3 1/2 weeks ago. He didn't seem to mind too much since he still walked away with a sucker as well.
While it may be pricey and I may just be a consuming American at heart, I love the gimmicky Cookie Cutters and have yet to be disappointed. Its just a bummer that for the next 6 weeks every time we go to the Y I'm going to have to listen to Olivia beg for a haircut.

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Colleen said...

We go to Cookie Cutters, too. That place ROCKS! I love the analogy to true! Prior to going there, Lauren would cry every time we got her hair cut. Check local papers and coupon booklets for coupons. I rarely have to pay full price.

We grow mullets, too. Lauren's was the worst and when I look at pictures, I am reminded that I waited too long to cut it. I kept thinking everyone would think she was a boy, so I waited. Don't know what I was thinking---that's what bows are for!! Kirsten, like Rachel, is fortunate to have some curls in the back, so her mullet is less pronounced. And, of course, who wants to cut off cute little curls??