Friday, August 14, 2009

How DID June Cleaver do it???

As I live out a modern day miracle (it's 1:30, all three kids are quiet in their beds AND I just mopped my kitchen floor- if you consider the Swiffer Wet Jet mopping... and I do!) I am dumbfounded at how June Cleaver did it all, while wearing a dress, no less!

I guess she never got on a jet plane, traveled half way around the world and brought Wally back with her and then tried to re-enter life while in a nearly comatose state for over a week. If she had, I'd be kicking June's coiffed hiney right now in the domestic engineering department.

I have to say, this morning as I was pouring my liquid cocaine, I mean coffee, I noticed a "friend" was hanging around. And by friend I mean a disgusting cockroach. Oh, bull. Have my housekeeping skills really gone that much to pot? Granted, we battle ants, spiders and even mice (you might remember the *small* problem last fall involving over a dozen dead mice in a trap right under Tuner's crib) but COCKROACHES are in a league of filth of their own.

I do have to admit that housework is rather low on the totem pole of importance in my life, but I usually manage to keep things in enough order around here to keep us off the 6:00 news. But just yesterday (before my little coffee discovery) I did hit the gag reflex as I looked around my kitchen and saw the floor in the daylight. Thus, the emergency nap time Swiffer attack. If I was afforded one overindulgent luxury in life, it would certainly be a cleaning service! But since we won't be winning the lottery anytime soon (I hear you gotta play to win) I'll just keep plugging along. And if anyone has any good roach removal suggestions, I'm all ears~!


betseykerr said...

Ummm, I hate to tell you, but where there is one there is more....or...have you brought in any boxes lately? Did you bring anything questionable back from China? Or do you have nt so clean neighbors where the little bugs are over crowded and might want to come stay at your house???? Go in there at night and turn on the lights, see if anything scatters...having lived in Atlanta, plenty of nasty "friends" should know about these "friends" from your days in NYC????....I would think you would have a killer instinct from practice there! Otherwise, bomb the place...put everthing perishable (that's on the shelves) in tupperware..or plastic baggies or anything indistructible ya got, and good luck!

vclemente said...

Oh, what's a little cockroach or 2 in this world of bedbugs??? Truly, all the people I know who are battling bedbugs puts it all in perspective! :) My one key to remember - they are looking for water. Wipe dry the sink at night. And, ir really could have come back in your suitcase from China. We have brought them back from Puerto Rico before. Good luck. :) --Karen