Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Look Mom....

No cavities! It was Olivia's second trip to the dentist. Don't judge me, but I didn't take O for her first visit until she was three. (I just couldn't handle the screaming yelling and fussing, and she didn't want to go either!) Six months ago she was unwilling to go back by herself to get her teeth cleaned (personally, I think its a bit over the top to not allow a 3 year old's mom to go with them to get their teeth cleaned, but whatever.) I couldn't believe it but this time... reluctant but willing.
Thankfully so! I had both boys with me to boot. To have a fight with Olivia about going back by herself while trying to keep the two little guys busy would have been more than this mommy signed up for. Our appointment was at 8:40am and it takes a good 20 minutes to get over there so we had to leave by 8:15. Naturally, this is the morning that Turner took a bite that was too big for his britches- he choked and threw up his whole breakfast on the wood floor as we're trying to get out the door. And don't ya know that its the first rainy day in over 2 weeks around here. So I had to dig out all the raincoats etc.

All in all the kids did amazingly well. The boys played nicely and Olivia was super proud of her brand new Snow White tooth brush and new bracelet that she got as a prize for being a big girl. Yay.

But then I turned into stupid mom. After the dentist we headed to Target which is right across the street from the dentist. I COULDN'T miss that opportunity. Olivia needs new shoes for school that starts in 2 weeks since they need to have shoes with backs and she's basically been living in flip flops all summer. That alone would have been doable. But on our way out of Target I realized we were across the street from the mall and on a rainy day it would be really great to have the kids run a bit at the mall play area.
They had a ball. Its the first time Quinn's been to the mall play area and he had fun exploring. That was all good and fine until both boys had a poop. Whatever, I can change a poopy diaper in my sleep. But, I forgot that my next stop needed to be Sam's Club because we are 100% out of wipes. Hmmm.... these poopy diapers were NOT going to wait to be changed until after a Sam's run. I made do in the Family restroom at the mall and we were out the door.
Next stop: Sam's Club (to buy the aforementioned wipes. Curses!!!) And as soon as we entered the warehouse doors all h-e-double hockey sticks broke loose. Kids whining/crying, me yelling/crying/whining. OF COURSE we were too early for the samples that would at least fill their pie holes and keep them from screaming. So I grabbed my few things and got outta dodge. Why do I always feel like the biggest loser/idiot walking out of Sam's with my 3 items in the basket? Then I kick myself for not just getting wipes at Target and being done with it. But, hey, I might save $.50 by buying in bulk, after all!
Okay, new mom of 3, live and learn. Don't push your luck: the natives WILL turn on you!!!


emme said...

1. Quinn seems great! so happy everything is going well.
2. I don't take my kids to the dentist until they turn 3
3. they don't let you go back with her? i literally sit in the chair with Sadie when she goes.
4. miss's been too long!

jenny said...

You are so right...I've learned when to push the errand running and when to just say "we're done" and then run out by myself one evening or just with one or two kids when the others are in school. And I agree, sounds like Quinn is fitting right in with life as a Koproski! As far as the dentist goes. I didn't take my kids until well over 3 (Lane was 3.9, Rowan was 5 (he would have been terrified before then) and Beckett just went this week at 3.2) The only reason we took B this young is b/c he has some spots on his teeth that we were worried about and I can tell you more later, but he does have some areas that will have to be fixed. There is decay from poor prenatal care while he was in Guatemala. Bummer! Part of Int. Adoption I guess. Keep up the great job, Mom!

Gina said...

1. I STILL havent taken winston to the dentist, not that he isnt willing, but we're too cheap! so bad huh?
2. what are you doing buying wipes anywhere but walgreens right now!?! are you slacking on your frugalsaving blog readings? they're .50cents a tub for huggies wipes with the walgreens coupons. i've been stocking up like mad and i don't even knwo if i can bring them back to china, too heavy :) haha.
3.quinn seems awesome :) love that.