Monday, August 24, 2009

Purple dinasours...oh my

Today was our big trip to Children's Hospital to find out what the future holds for us as far as Quinn's lip/nose repair is concerned. It was a long day but very encouraging.
Quinn will have a lip revision on Tuesday, November 3rd. We had a consultation with a plastic surgeon, who was fabulous!!! He spent a ton of time with us and answered all of our questions. Basically he said that Quinn's repair that was done in China was ok but not great. He thinks he can "fix it" and make it even better. (right now his nose if sloped quite a bit and the left side of his lip is quite fat from some scar tissue.) He will stay over night and be released the next day.
We also found out that down the road (probably when he's about 7) he'll possibly need a bone graph in his upper jaw where the gum line is. 25% of people with cleft lips need to have this surgery down the road, and it is quite possible he'll be within that percentile. They take bone from the hip and "fill in" the gap that may end up existing in his gum line. Doing so would probably help with the shape of his nose as well as make room for his permanent teeth to grow in properly.
Whew. A lot to take in. We also talked to a geneticist and found out he has only about a 3-5% chance of having children with a cleft lip. Not too big of a deal.
To round out our day at Children's Hospital, we swung by radiology for a renal ultrasound (thus the picture.) If you remember back about a year ago when China was in the news for toxic baby formula. They now do ultra sounds on kid's kidneys to make sure they don't have kidney stones from the bad formula (more of a precaution than anything.) Quinn did great, especially when the nurse put in a Barney video. I have desperately tried to keep the singing/dancing beast from my children, but I'm afraid I now have a Barneyaholic on my hands. HE LOVED IT!!!
All in all an encouraging day. Baby steps for making Quinn's life as "normal" as possible for the rest of his life.


jenny from mommin' it up! said...

Hmm, I get sent Barney videos to review sometimes and I try hide them from Sophie. I think I still have a couple unopened ones if you're ever desperate. :)

sangju said...

It's good to hear that the surgery's going to be pretty simple. And Barney, Selah loves it too whenever she's at the childcare at church. I don't know what about it kids just love. :)