Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I hate to brag

Steve and I took Quinn down to Cincinnati Children's Hospital on Monday morning. They have an awesome International Adoption Center there and we had Quinn evaluated there. We saw several nurses, an occupational therapist, a social worker who specializes in bonding and attachment issues and the doctor. It was a fabulous facility and they even provided an interpreter (that honestly, we didn't even really need.) At the end of our eval he also had to have some blood drawn and a TB test.

It was LONG but very worth it. We were there about 4 hours, but the evaluation we walked away made it time well spent. Basically, everyone confirmed what we already knew. But it was nice to know that we are not delusional or just imagining that things are going awesome.

Basically, they let us know that Quinn is spot on. Developmentally, he is a 22 month old boy. (Which, by the way, he IS.) Everyone that met him and evaluated him were SHOCKED by his size (he is basically at about the 50 percentile of an American 22 month old.) They told us most kids coming out of overseas orphanages don't even make the growth chart. As far as developmentally with in motor skills he is at 22 months with everything except walking up stairs (he's at 21 months: according to them he should be using the rail.) Geez... give the boy a break, my guess is that he's never gone up and down stairs in his life.

As far as bonding and attaching they were astounded at how well he seems to be doing and what a happy go lucky, smiley and friendly boy he is. And it is so true. Other than meal time (which is a bit challenging at times, but I think that is more of an age issue rather than an adoption issue) he is a true delight to have around. I am enjoying this kid a ton.

So, in case we didn't know this, once again, God has hooked us up!!! A true miracle. Two of the workers told us to count our blessings because he is a rare case. I'll tell you what, you don't have to tell me that twice! Thank you, Jesus.

This coming Monday we'll go back to Cincy Children's and meet with the Cleft Lip and Palate team to find out what the future holds for us in regards to his treatment for that. The doctor on Monday said they will probably want to do some more work on his nose and lip to get it more symmetrical and to expect extensive orthodontia. All of that comes as no surprise. But the doctor did also confirm that there is no cleft palate issue, yay!!! That was really good news. All in all, a great report. Looking forward to Monday.

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cheryl said...

Yay! So fun e :) thanks so much for posting all about your guys' happenings during this time of adjustment and transition. i love that we get to sort of be in the know. we miss quinn and wish we could play with him and see him interact with turner and olivia. thanks for reading my blog! at least i know at least one person out there will be reading it =P