Monday, August 24, 2009

Dairy King

Some experts may say that a boy whose been on US soil only three weeks shouldn't be feeding goats. (or interacting with strangers, or going willingly into the church nursery, or blah blah blah.) Not this kid! While he whines and cries if Baxter comes within 5 inches from him, he actually enjoyed feeding the goats at a local dairy farm that we took the kids to on Sunday evening.
We did have trouble convincing BOTH Quinn and Turner that the goats were NOT doggies. But I suppose when you're not even two, your world only contains 4 legged annoying animals with floppy ears that you call doggies. We'll work on that.
The kids also got to see pigs, cows and chickens. I think perhaps Steve and I were a bit more impressed than anyone else, but what can you do? When you live in Ohio, you have to pay respects to the local dairy farm at least once a season.

Please note the lovely Easter dress and sparkly shoes Olivia insisted on wearing to dodge animal poop with. Hey, some fights just are NOT worth waging these days. All poop can be wiped off-- that's my motto these days.
A new addition to the dairy farm this trip was a little track where kids can ride bikes (in the form of John Deere... lordhavemercy.)
Turner was all business!
This face pretty much represents 85% of Quinn's day. A cross between a smile and a whine (especially if mommy is around. He knows how to work the system.)

Next up on the system overload for a kid fresh off the boat was a "train" ride. Crazy enough, he didn't cry until the return trip when he saw us.
This kid, however, was in hog heaven!!! T-bone is a choo-choo lover. At first he was a bit hesitant but as soon as it started to move he was locked in. We then had to chase him down the rest of our visit trying to get him off the train.

Don't let the big grin for the camera fool you, the only one who cried the whole ride was our big girl. "It was too bouncy and I was afraid I was going to fall out." Yeah, just like all the other kids that were bouncing all over the farm from their ride on the barrel train.
And although our trip to the farm looks like a load of laughs it was not without the various ear flicks, time outs and repeated yelling of names across a dairy farm. By the time we pulled the van into the garage family fun day was OVER. It was operation bath/bed time. Ahhhh... hauling 3 kids around, 3 and under, taints the evening ride to the dairy farm... just a bit. Don't get me wrong, I'm soaking it up and trying to enjoy it. I just wonder if there is a way to do it an octave or two lower?

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