Thursday, August 20, 2009

China called

and it wants the coolest kid ever born there back!
Ok, so China didn't REALLY call. In the famous words of Olivia, "that would be SILLY. China doesn't even have fingers to dial the phone!"
But I bet if it did have fingers it would. Quinn is so enjoyable and so funny. He has really been into his sister's glass slippers the past few days. And its surprisingly scary how well he can maneuver in a pair of pink plastic pumps. Uh-oh!

He is doing super well in childcare. He laughs easily and plays well (for the most part) with Olivia and Turner. And when it comes to snacks, he's all over it! Notice the intense looks as he eats his fruit snacks!
And just to set the record straight, we endorse cross-dressing by boys coming to our home through adoption as well as biologically! No discrimination here. If you look closely and can get passed the pantless Turner, you'll notice a new found interest in pink pumps on Turners part as well. Funny how that never really happened until Quinn took a turn or two with the glass slippers. Ahhh... sibling rivalry.

After the Y this morning and before a doctor's appointment for Quinn, I took all three kids to Chick-fil-A for lunch.
Before you get too impressed I'll fill you in on a little secret... I've TOTALLY lost my mind! In the midst of the big rush and bustle of getting all three kids from the car to the restaurant in the pouring rain, I may have left my keys in the car. I didn't even notice it until I was rushing and bustling to get the kids back into the car still in the still pouring rain when I realized my keys were NOT in my purse. And since I didn't bring the diaper bag in with us (which was a huge bummer since Turner had a NASTY diaper) and they weren't in my pocket, it could only mean I had locked them in the car.
One reason to eat all meals out at Chick-fil-A (other than the great chicken and the playroom) would be the fact that actual restaurant employees were standing at the door with golf umbrellas ushering customers to their cars (YES, it was raining that hard!) So I asked the nice lady if she would watch my kids real quick while I went and confirmed that my keys were locked in my car (along with the cell phone). When I reached the car I didn't see them sitting on the front seat as expected. I took a chance hoping against hope that this one time I did not hit the lock button. HA! I didn't. A true miracle.
But when I opened the door it was strangely cool inside. And oddly enough the Black Eyed Peas were wooing me with their music. What the....???? Holy cow, I not only left my keys in the car, with the door unlocked, but I left the keys in the ignition with the dang thing RUNNING. Several words ran through my mind, and then a prayer of gratitude (mmmm.. should have been the other way around, I do confess. In fact I should have done w/o the few choice words even making an appearance. ooops.)
Then I remembered my small brood of children hovering under an umbrella on the sidewalk with the Chick-fil-A worker. Ran back, she accompanied me and the kids with the umbrella to the car and off we went. I have to say, at least the car was nice and cool for our arrival!
Oh and PS, Quinn does NOT have TB (that was the whole reason for the visit to the pediatrician in the first place, thus the meal out.) And to think, I started out my day hoping there would be something fun to post about. Be careful what you ask for!


Anonymous said...

its me

Anonymous said...

me again

KTC said...

oh, this is SOOOO hysterical! I just had to tell the whole story to Victor. Man, it's a miracle no one stole your car! I can't believe it! Anyway, I'm glad everything is OK.
:) Karen
PS I posted a nice long note yesterday and it got deleted. bummer.

lisa said...

so awesome! this is a HYSTERICAL post!!!! You are too funny E!!!

Anonymous said...

let me try this ONE more time. Poor little TMan . His own beloved mommy captured the picture that has to be the most hated shot of any teen age boy. Naked butt while wearing girls shoes, (not just girl shoes) but dress up princess ones at that. Of course bebe loved them

Colleen said...

Great pics. Let's look at the car incident in a positive way. At least the kids were not IN the car and unable to unlock the door!