Tuesday, August 18, 2009


In an effort to make time for each of our kids individually, I took Olivia on a date this past Sunday. Its pretty easy to please my little princess (she'll even view Kroger as fun as long as she gets her free cookie... a girl after my own heart) but I wanted to make our date special.
Steve pointed out a few days prior that the Bridal Expo was coming to the Convention Center (which is within walking distance from our house.) So, I printed up a coupon on line and off we went. Olivia was doubly excited when she found out she didn't have to take a nap that day because of the Bridal Fair.
In we marched and I have to admit, I felt a bit self conscious as I walked in with a 3 year old and everyone kept asking me "So, when's the big day?" I was trying out different versions of my story in my head before hand. "It's not for a year and this is my flower girl, isn't she the cutest?" "I have some friends who are thinking of getting married and we're scouting things out for them." "Yeah, her daddy got us in this mess, now he's gonna get us out of it" Stuff like that.
Then I settled on the truth. (I think I originally thought the vendors wouldn't allow me to sample the yummy wedding cake and fine chocolates provided if they knew why we were really there.) But the truth is always the best way out and when I told the vendors that actually my big day had come and gone a while ago but that Olivia just got a new brother and we were on a girlie date to enjoy all things beautiful and sparkly; you would have thought I was about to be crowned mother of the year! So fun, they really made a big deal over her.
We got there in time for the fashion show in which O insisted we sit down early so that we could "get a good seat." A woman after my own heart. She squealed with delight several times and declared more than once (rather loudly) "That's a beautiful dress!" So loud, in fact, that I'm pretty sure David's Bridal owes me some sort of compensation.
I'd say we were there a total of an hour and 15 minutes and it was the best six bucks I've spent in a long time. Hopefully, I have not created a monster. Everything in moderation, right?!


Cortney @ evanhaslanded.com said...

Okay so that post almost was enough to make me want a daughter...let me think about it...okay that moment is over : )! I just love how she is such a girlie girl!!

lisa said...

that's so sweet, E!!! O will remember how cool her mom was to do that for many years to come. love your creativity!