Monday, August 10, 2009


So, last night I had a breakthrough of sorts.

*This picture is of the 4 of us quietly and calmly watching a movie together. I announced to Steve that we will be watching tv all day, every day until things calm down around here. So when we're not eating lunch at Target, you'll find us on our big brown couch.
But that wasn't my breakthrough.

The breakthrough came after the movie was over and the 2 original Koproski kids hightailed it upstairs for bath time and Quinn lingered a bit on the couch. He laid down on his side and started singing a song to himself in Chinese. Oh, my heart melted and tears streamed down my face. This poor little guy's world has been turned upside down.
Steve and I have been having our own set of meltdowns and breakdowns and we are in our late 30's (Steve's being much later than mine by the way!) and we chose this dang thing. Poor kid was just quietly minding his own business and then one day 2 weeks ago- BAM.
As I rocked him before bed last night I cried again and this time told him I am really glad he's a part of our family. And for the first time in 2 weeks, I really meant it! Thus, my breakthrough.

Things have been going remarkably well around here. We busted out the backyard pool and sprinkler since it was actually hot around here for a change.
Something that really made me laugh the other day:
We were standing on the back porch with Quinn and Steve held him and in all seriousness said, "Quinn, what you don't know or understand is that all of this is yours" and with a waving gesture, pointed to our backyard.
You may notice, our backyard is approximately the size of a double grave plot (which is really great since the past two weeks just might kill us, now you know where they can bury us) and the grass is a bit *challenged.* I had to laugh out loud and add "lucky you". Boy a kid goes from only owning a sippy cup and a pair of ugly corduroy Green Bay Packers overalls to our backyard. Improvement? You be the judge!


KTC said...

I think it took me longer than 2 weeks to tell my own biological kid that i was glad she was part of our family! :) YOu're dolng great! thanks for blogging and posting all the photos. I love feeling like I'm there seeing it first-hand. have to talk sometime soon - if only for a moment. love you! Karen

lisa said...

this is the sweetest post. dang, you are such a FABULOUS writer!!! no matter how crazy things get at home, don't ever stop blogging! hugs and kisses! miss you all!