Saturday, August 8, 2009

Welcome back!

Ahhhh.... It feels good to be back here. I'm thankful that I could find a blog to use while we were in China, but I have to say, "There's no place like home!" :) I just wanted to put up a small little post just to let you know, indeed, I am back. I hope to be able to post some pics soon. I forgot to take my camera with me when we went out and about today (which was really unfortunate because there were some priceless moments involving a blond boy, a Chinese boy and two very large Sam's club chocolate chip cookies.)

It's funny, but now that I'm back here at my home blog, I already feel more light hearted! There was something about keeping an "adoption journal' that made me feel very serious and very somber. When I get back here to EEK, I feel kinda goofey, kinda like I wanna see my life through the fun lens again. And I'll tell ya, after the past 3 weeks, I really need my fun lens back!

I look forward to getting back into our new normal. Its funny, but I really do thrive on routine. I am a rather scattered person and have some *organizational challenges* in life, but when structure to my time and day is altered, I kinda lose it! So, here is to figuring out a new normal around here and embracing it. Any suggestions from parents with more than 3 kids (three and under by the way!) would be greatly appreciated. Here's to not losing it completely!!!

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jenny said...

So glad you guys made it home safely. We just got back from vacation today and I have been trying to keep on your blog while we were gone. Sounds like you've had lots of ups and downs over the past few weeks! Quinn is adorable and seems like he is adjusting really well considering how much his world has been turned upside down lately. I would love to bring you guys dinner or help out in anyway that might provide some relief for you. I'll try to call you at the beginning of the week. And I don't have more than three kids but I do have three and all I can say, is to agree with your above post and say that I also feel like we turned into "that" family once we crossed over to 3 and had two crazy, active boys. Mine weren't three and under, but rather 4 yrs and under and I am sure your life is even crazier with two boys so close in age. Hang in there and just know if you ever want to do a playdate I'm all for hanging out with people who also feel like life's a little crazy...but oh so fun! Wouldn't trade it for anything!
Jenny C.