Friday, February 11, 2011


Well, the cheeseburger was the MOST delicious thing I've had in long time. I could only (or should only) eat half but I managed to eat a handful of the fries. Oh my. I came home feeling so *normal*. Taking the kids to play at the mall, walking around and window shopping at the Gap and then being out to eat was medicine to my soul.

In fact when we got home I asked Steve if I should be worried that a cheeseburger would make me feel this good? Oh well.

Yesterday was a good day too. A good friend (slightly crazy friend) took the 2 boys with her and her 5 year old son and 10 week old baby to swim at the Y. With the boys gone, I took advantage of the time to have a date with Olivia. Tonight is a father/daughter Valentine's dance at O's school, so we went to Old Navy and picked out a new outfit for her. We then went for a real treat... she got a shake at Steak N Shake. It was good times just she and I.

O has been taking this change pretty hard. She's been exploding in anger at everyone. She "wrote" and illustrated a book the other day called, "Olivia is mad." She drew all of these pictures and told me what to write. The last page was a smiling Olivia and the words were, "Mommy is home from the hospital now and she can snuggle me. Olivia is happy." Needless to say, it brought me to tears.

Speaking of tears, I am going shopping with my friend who cuts my hair today for a wig. Can you even imagine? I don't know if I'll wear it, but I'm thinking it might be good to have as a back up plan for special occasions or for the kids. I told Olivia last night what I was doing and she got real excited. She wanted to know if she could come pick it out with me. Are you kidding me? You KNOW I'd come home with some kind of Rapunzel or Dolly Parton deal. Hats are one thing, hair is quite another, my dear.

It looks like chemo will start Monday the 21st. That way I get to be *good* for O's party. I'm happy about that. Next week (probably Thursday) I will go for out patient surgery to have 2 ports implanted.

We also have a YES from out dream nanny. More on her later. But she is going to be a real blessing and answer to prayer. If you would like to contribute to our nanny fund (we figure we need about $4,000 in order to pay her) you can go to the Caring For E website by clicking HERE and info is there.

Guess there is a lot to say today. Thanks for hanging in there and reading. The sun is shining through the windows and today I feel hopeful. That must be because YOU are praying. Thank you, and thank Jesus!

5 comments: said...

I remember going to Red Robin after my first treatment started wearing off and thinking it was the best thing I'd ever put in my mouth! Enjoy it! I'm thinking and praying for you every day.

jenny from mommin' it up said...

you girls look adorable! praying for you and for sweet O.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting updates E! I am praying for you, for your complete healing, and that God will use this for good in your life and in Olivia's life too. In God's love, Mary Rynsburger

Lauren said...

I am so proud of you for staying positive and trusting the Lord during this time! I think about you often. Bring home some sweet locks sister. I love you.

allison said...

Hey Elizabeth, we haven't seen each other in years--we first met in NYC in 1994 and then saw each other at CCC staff events afterwards. I just heard from Cindy Williams Queener about this fundraising plan to help with medical expenses and was glad to see it was a success. Cindy pointed me to your blog; I've read several posts so far and am crying as I read. I can see how you are positioning yourself to learn what the Lord wants you to learn from all this. God bless you.
Allison (Wilson) Lee