Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What a day

Well, since my days w/ hair are numbered, I thought I'd post a few pics. Today is the first day I've had the gumption to try on a pair of jeans. Mostly because my incision is still just a little too raw to want a piece of denim hugging it.

Simply putting on jeans (instead of the comfy yoga pants I've been laying around in) helped me feel human. They still are not the most comfy and probably won't wear them all day, but it helps to feel normal.
The problem is, they are now a bit big. I know, I know, even a month ago I'd kill to have them falling off, but seriously, not this way. Whatever.

I'm going to try and take care of that tonight. Steve and I are taking the kids to the mall to play for awhile (it is SO FREAKIN COLD HERE.) I fear I'm a bit depressed and the weather is NOT helping. After the mall we are going to go out to eat. We have not done that in over a month. The plan is to head to Red Robin. Where I plan to eat a big fat juicy hamburger. Take that you stupid ovarian cancer! I might even throw in an endless french fry basket to boot.

I got the phone call today that let me know about my chemo regimen. It's all kinds of complicated, but suffice it to say I'm most likely going in Monday (Happy Valentine's Day to us) for out patient surgery where I will get two ports implanted. One in my chest for the regular chemo and one in my abdomen for a *special* drug directly there. I will be on a 23 day cycle where I will receive chemo on days 1,2 and 8. I can start next Thursday and Friday or wait until Monday and Tuesday. Part of me wants to start and get it over with but a bigger part of me realizes Olivia's 5th birthday is that Saturday and I would like to have a chance to do her party. It's only a matter of being *behind* by four days.

We're going to pray about it, but I think I'm leaning to waiting until Monday.

Okay, I gotta run. The mall is calling.


manders said...

i was browsing blogs and your title dragged me in (because it's kind of similar to mine and i'm self-absorbed :p)

you seem to have a very positive attitude even in such a difficult time. i hope everything goes well for you.

jenny from mommin' it up said...

you look great! Really love that smile! I know what you mean about the jeans thing, I am experiencing that post C-section, too.
So excited about your cheeseburger plans!!
Let us know if/what you need for Monday.
Still praying constantly! said...

Even on my worst days I always take a shower and put my makeup on. It makes me feel so much better. I try to put real clothes on but don't always make it out of my yoga pants. I loved being with the two (five) of you last night. It was such a blessing to me.
My chemo today went well but I'll be wiped out now for a few days. But I'll be keeping up with you and praying as you start your journey.
Remember that the Lord goes before you. Do not fear. Deut. 31:8

Heather Ruetschle said...

You look great, love your smile and your jeans! And hey, i wear yoga pants most days, so I applaud you for getting those jeans on! Nice work! Praying for a peace about decision making on when to start the ball rolling on your chemo regimen. And for Olivia to have a blessed 5th birthday :) How exciting to be 5! Much love and Isaiah 14a has taken me through a lot of emotional pain...its directed toward those that Fear God, like yourself...
"the Lord will be a sanctuary"
To Him...Glory be...Heather

Rachel said...

You are beautiful! Praying for you, Elizabeth....with few words but the groans of the Holy Spirit crying out Abba, Father!
With you and for you at the throne of grace,